Reputelligence™ search works on the principle: Go out there and find me the stuff that I’m interested in quickly, and do it in a way that is precise and repeatable. Contemplating the evolution of our use of the internet over the past 20-odd years makes one aware of the different stages and expanding scale of information accessibility. In the early days, the internet was something ‘over there’ that didn’t really concern us. Then everything exploded. “.coms” happened, and the barrier to getting online began to come down to the point where it wasn’t just Big Corporations that could have an online presence. Now, we’re about to move into a new phase of the expansion of the internet: the search for relevant content, and its organization and presentation to the user. There’s too much content available and too little time to consume it all. Most of us just want a way to sort the wheat from the chaff, the gold from the dirt. Reputelligence™ search has been purpose-built to achieve exactly this, tailoring the user’s search experience. It is a way of crafting comprehensive search queries without the need for deep search string knowledge. Reputelligence™ search helps you to craft comprehensive search queries, creating a shortcode URL and a QR code of the search and executing it for you. The shortcode URL and QR code is a very useful feature, especially when people ask, “What have you been searching for?” or “How did you find that?” Simply send them the shortcode URL or the QR code, and they can have the same search experience as you had. This approach makes search results more relevant, more specific, and more targeted, and the user receives more accurate results in less time. Check it out and enjoy!